Tap-along Tambourine

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Product Description

  • ENCOURAGES CREATIVE PLAY: Designed for tiny hands to hold and shake, this musical toy will awaken your toddler’s senses and get them up on their feet. Encourages hours of enjoyable creative play.
  • TAMBOURINE AND DRUM IN ONE: You can play this musical toy like a tambourine, or set it down and beat it like a drum with your open hand. Let your toddler decide how they prefer to express themselves.
  • STIMULATES RHYTHM AND MOVEMENT: Ideal for stimulating speech, singing and rhythmic movement in toddlers. It also helps promote hand-eye coordination, as well as sensory perception.
  • EASY ON THE EARS: We’ve made this toy tambourine fun to play while being easy on little ears. The wooden play surface keeps the volume at a safe and comfortable level.
  • ABOUT HAPE: A world leader in creating high quality and sustainable educational toys that are as good for kids as they are for the planet.

WARNING: Do not use close to the ear! Misuse may cause damage to hearing.


  • Weight: 16 oz

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