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Product Description

  • Hide-And-Seek Periscope lets you see without being seen.
  • Encourages active outdoor play and exploration.
  • Handy wrist strap makes it easy to carry or strap to a backpack.

Now I see you, now you don’t see me! This outdoor toy allows kids to play hide-and-seek or observe animals without being seen. Hide behind a rock, tree or a bush and watch as the others try to find you, or as animals pass by as if you weren’t there. It’s a fun way to get kids outdoors and experiencing nature first-hand.

  • OUTDOOR ADVENTURES: The periscope is the perfect accessory for hide-and-seek. Little ones can peer over walls, see around corners and even look into rabbit holes.
  • LIFE THROUGH A LENS: Help them learn about lenses and how periscopes work.
  • BRIGHT AND BREEZY: Encourages kids to get out into the sun and fresh air.
  • SUSTAINABLY MADE: The toys are made from sustainable bamboo and Green PE (the plant plastic derived from sugarcane). After all, we want to leave loads of nature for future generations to explore.


  • Weight: 16 oz

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