Land Rover Defender Station Wagon Police Vehicle with Policeman & Accessories




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Just like in normal life, an increasing amount of Bruder vehicle traffic means traffic violations are on the rise! For this reason, bworld features a police force to enforce law and order. Stunning off-road qualities combined with timeless Land Rover design make the police version of the Defender Station Wagon an impressive and versatile emergency service vehicle. In addition to the opening rear door as well as side doors, the hood opens to show off the detailed engine block. The rear seat and the drawbar coupling can also be removed. Suspension on both axles means there are no terrain boundaries when recreating wild car chases! The front axle can also be steered using the additional steering column to give you a more natural playing experience. The police version of the Land Rover model features a newly developed light and sound module with four functional buttons (engine sound, police siren, fire service siren, and yelp signal). The Bworld police officer is fully equipped to reinforce the authority! The waist belt features important tools for day-to-day police work, such as torch, radio device and truncheon.

Includes Multi-Language Sticker Sheet
Suitable for Cable Winch
– Cable Winch may be purchased in Spare Parts # 42545


  • Weight: 16 oz

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